Zoom App top 5 features every user should know.

Zoom App top 5 features every user should know, The demand for video calling apps is currently on the rise, and the best features of them are Zoom App. The app now includes 6 new features, again featuring many essential features for users. These features will provide a lot of features that are perfect for video calls.

Yes, most organizations are using Zoom Video Calling App for Online Reading. Zoom of Zoom is featured in Background Change, Audio Quality and many other useful features, including the ability to simultaneously interact with more users. Now you will feel more comfortable with the new features.

More control

You’ll be able to see people in the waiting room with a pop-up visible outside the attendees panel. This helps the hosts know when someone is waiting for a meeting. This feature works even when you share a screen or shorten a window. You can transfer the zoom phone call to any zoom meeting by sharing the meeting URL, personal meeting ID or calendar event.

Presentation mode

Users will be able to play PowerPoint or Keynote presentations as virtual backdrops. This will be picture-in-picture mode. You’ll be able to move your video to any part of the slide. This is an important feature because users will be able to give a presentation during a zoom call rather than sending one in the mail.

Range in Filters

Zoom Op has introduced several filters options. It is also possible to access various video filters. However, this feature may not be used in office meetings unless the meeting is casual. These filters are especially useful when conversing with friends and family.

Feedback if video

Users will be able to send emojis as direct responses such as excitement, laughing or heartache during a conversation. You should be able to do that by clicking the Comments button.

Noise cancellation

Noise Cancellation This feature eliminates unwanted noises such as a fan in a video call, suppressing the background rain noise. After activating the ‘Suppress background noise’ option you have three options: low, medium and high.

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