how to backup Google Drive data? Step By Step Guide.

how to backup Google Drive data? Step By Step Guide, Google has introduced services like Google One, Google Drive, to provide additional storage capacity to its users.

Google One is basically a subscription service. It gives you greater storage capacity in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Aside from the extra storage, there are many special benefits. It also gives you the opportunity to share your Google One account with up to 5 family members at zero cost.

Yes, Google One has a lot of users. To become a member of Google One, you will need to purchase the original subscription. This will give you 100GB of storage space. For this, you have to pay Rs 130 per month. Or Rs 1,300 per annum. Payment can be made. So you have a Google Account and you already have 15GB of free storage. However, if you are an Android phone user, you may not be able to access them. You can already use Google Drive to back up your data.

how to get backup of your data from your Google Account to Google Drive? Then follow the step and get it in an easy way.

How to backup data with Google Drive.

Step 1: Go to System and Backup. This option is also available in Settings> Google> Backup. You can also find the backup option in the Drive app.

Step 2: In the Backup section, turn on “Backup to Google Drive”. Here you will find the name of your account and the time from the Last Backup. If you think your Android phone data has not been backed up for a long time, you should tap the “Back up now” button to backup it.

Step 3: If you back up photos or videos using the Google Photos app, they will not be in the original resolution. Also if you want to store your photos in their original resolution, you need to use the Google One app. If you have backed up your data in the past, you will be able to re-install it from the app, for which you will need to tap “get back up” in the storage section.

How To Backup Your Android Phone Using Google One.

Step 1: You need to install Google One app and open it.

Step 2: Log in to your relevant Google Account and follow the instructions.

Step 3: You will need to tap the “Back up now” button. The app shows how much storage space you have used.

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