Google releases Pin-Secure Folder Features from Google

Google releases Pin-Secure Folder Features from Google, Search engine giant Google has introduced a new set of features for the benefit of users. Google has already introduced a number of different features, and now Google has introduced new features for securing private files. It is said that the files in your Google file are secured as a file manager application. This requires the user to enter the PINcode before accessing the user’s private files.

Yes, Google’s Files app has introduced new features for users. This is a file manager application, with many more new features added to it. This is one of the secure folder features. This will help you securely store your private files. Password protected your private files stored securely.

Google protects users’ private files with its pin-protected Safe Folder feature. This can add 4-digit zip code protection of your private files. So basically, no one can access these files placed in a secure folder, even if your friends or family members stumbled on your phone and opened the lock screen.

If Google has a browse tab, the new folder will appear as a partition in the storage section. It also encrypts files in the Google folder. If you forget your PIN, the files inside are set. Another noteworthy feature here is that the cloud is not allowed to back up files in the Google Files secure folder. It also increases the security of files, which means that you won’t be able to sync your secure folder across multiple devices.

According to the XDA report, these features are available to users in the Android 11 beta. However, there is no need for any specific Android version. It is therefore mentioned in the report that when you open these features for the first time a notification will be displayed. It is said that the Google Files Secure Folder features are not widely available. However, this is a good features option if you plan to finally remove the encrypted folder.

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