Google launches 5 New Features in Android and OS Mobile.

Google launches 5 New Features in Android and OS Mobile, Search engine giant Google has added a new update to the Android mobile operating system-powered smartphones. With this update, Android smartphones have been fitted with five new models. Google says that these newly released features not only enhance user safety but also make it more useful for Android smartphone users.

Yes, Google has introduced new features for the Android mobile operating system powered smartphones. Google has introduced five types of features in the new AppData-acquired Android system. These features are very useful for customers. It also includes fixtures that can provide emergency services, including earthquake warning. So read here Google’s new update on the Android mobile operating system.

Android Earthquake Alerts System

One of the features Google has introduced is the Android Earthquake Alerts System. It enables users to detect earthquakes through Android smartphones around the world. This gives faster earthquake information when users search for ‘How earthquake near me’. It will be available on devices running Android 5.0 and higher.

Android Emergency Location Service

Google today announced that the Android Emergency Location Service or ELS is now available to 800 million people in 29 countries. Android smartphones share their device language when they dial a user’s local emergency number. Also, if the native language is not spoken, the emergency manager will be able to get a translator and send help. These features are available on Android 4.1 and above devices where Google Play Services is installed.

Get more done in the car

Google has rolled out a new type of update to Android Auto. This allows users to stay on their day without looking at their phones. The newly released AppDate comes with a new Calendar App. Google says that users can quickly get their daily schedule on their car display. Users can get directions to specific places from the calendar entry.

Clock in the Bedtime tab

Bedtime tab in Clock is one of the features introduced by Google. This will help users maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Helps track their display time during the night and sleeps with Spotify and YouTube Music. The Bedtime tab in the Clock App for devices running Android 6.0 and above is now available.

Lookout app

Google has also rolled out a new update on its Lookout app. This allows users to scan long-form documents into readable text. It also allows you to identify products by food labels. It is more compatible with display readers. This update is available for all devices with more than 2GB of RAM on Android 6 and later.

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