Zoom app Alternative, Central government Selected.

Zoom app Alternative, Central government Selected 5 Startups to build replacement to zoom app!

There is a loophole in the video conferencing application zoom and the government has already notified the force. Some startups have now chosen to develop another app instead of zoom. The program is currently underway in India under the Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation and the Government of India has announced a grand gift for the developers of the new ops.

Yes, the Government of India has pioneered the development of an alternative app for the Zoom App, which has selected several SmartApps. This will help promote the development of homegrown apps. Now let’s find out in this article about Annadodan, what startups the Government of India has chosen to develop another app instead of Zoom.

Earlier in April this year, the Ministry of Electronics and IT offered to build a secure video conferencing platform using local technology instead of zoom. And last month, the government shortlisted 10 Indian startups, now down to five startups. According to the available data, PeopleLink Unified Communications Private Limited, Jive, TechCencia Software Technologies Pvt. Of these, the top three startups have been paid Rs 20 lakh each to create a video conferencing startup. Two other startups have been given Rs 15 lakh each to develop the product.

The final and stable versions of the video conferencing platforms are expected to be released by the end of this month. Also, the main purpose of developing homegrown video conferencing platforms in this model is user privacy and security. New and potential zoom competitors are said to have end-to-end encryption of all data, including audio, video, and files. Data is stored on the cloud and users are provided with multi-factor authentication. also read this: How to download and Use JioMeet App.

The Government has selected five startups to develop an alternative app for Zoom. The central and state governments have been assigned four years to develop new apps. This includes an additional Rs 1 crore for the Success Team Developing Video Conferencing Platform, and an additional Rs 10 lakh per year for three years to operate and maintain the platform.

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