Shoploop Google Video Shopping App.

Shoploop Google Video Shopping App.

Search engine giant Google has already introduced many features. Introduces several convenient features for users. Google has now introduced its video shopping platform, which has been named ‘Shoploop’. It is now said that the platform was developed by Google’s Workshop for practical projects called Google Video Area 120.

Yes, Google has introduced a video shopping app for its users. The Google Plan is designed to allow you to shop on the same platform. Google is currently offering three services, including discovering, evaluating, and buying products on the video shopping platform. Google also plans to allow its users to provide all kinds of services without the need for other applications. Also, Google’s video platform looks like this.

In Google Video Shopping Platform Shoploop, videos have less than 90 seconds in which users can explain products. These videos claim to describe the product information you want, the specialty of the product, its quality, its price, and so on. Google has said it is trying to connect with Beauty Product, Content Creator, publishers and online store owners in Shoploop.

Shoploop currently serves four categories, including make-up, skincare, hair, and nail polish. The videos are automatically displayed on the home page but the audio is muted. Users can like, share, and save this video. Also, these products have a link to the website that users can purchase if they like it. also read this: Google for India 2020.

Not all videos on the platform of these videos attract all customers. But when shopping on a forum, Mee is finding, evaluating, and buying products that can be purchased. This shop loop can only be accessed via the current mobile browser. But the products listed are only available in the US. As Google’s experimental project, Google will no longer confirm when it will be available to customers.

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