Google updated Google Chrome Music Listening System.

Google updated Google Chrome Music Listening System.

Search engine giant Google has already introduced a number of convenient features. Now it is said that Google is going to change the way you watch videos and listen to music in Chrome. This means that you will soon have the option to control playback without changing tabs in Google Chrome.

Yes, Google is going to change the way music is played in Google Chrome for the convenience of its users. Google Chrome will soon introduce a new plotting panel for this. You don’t need to go to a particular tab to play a song, video, or content. It is said that you can play, or pause, in the right tab.

Google is always user friendly /. Google now offers floating panel docking users even more. If you all want to open up a new tab on Google and enjoy music, you don’t need to open another tab. Instead you can get your desired music or video experience right in the Google tab you just opened.

Also if you have already played music or video on another tab you need to stop it and skip the media but you don’t need to return to that tab. This allows you to skip media in the tab instead. For this it is not necessary to quit your job to pay attention to the media you are looking at or listening to.

This feature was first spotted by XDA developers in June this year from Chrome Story. Currently, it has managed to enable it with the Chrome flag. With these features enabled, you don’t have to worry about which tab media is playing exactly. Also, you can identify which video is playing the video. For this, users can see the Mike logo on the tab.

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