Google Play Store, For safety reason Google Removed 11 Apps In Play Store!

Google Play Store, For safety reason Google Removed 11 Apps In Play Store!

Whatever work is done here, contry has changed the way the apps go. As you all know, any sample apps you have are available in Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store. In particular, the search engine giant keeps an eye on Google apps for security. Anyone who knows that an app is going to get bogged down quickly. Google has just dropped 11 apps from its Play Store.

Yes, search engine giant Google has dropped 11 apps from its Play Store. One of the Android malware, Joker, has returned to the Google Play Store. This Joker malware has been found in eleven apps and all of those apps have been snatched from the Google Play Store. And according to security research firm Check Point, Joker is one of the most important types of malware that goes to the Google Play Store as a result of minor changes in its code. It is supposed to bring security to the Play Store.

Google has recently discovered that some apps on its Play Store are being unfair to consumers. Some of the billing apps have been thrown out by the users without them noticing. Eleven applications have been removed, including Joker malware. Previous hackers have adopted an old strategy from the PC threat landscape to avoid detection by Google. Users will be bothered by malicious malware.

Also, these malwares get rid of the trick by hiding other apps. They also provide an easy way to hack users’ accounts. These have been removed for the same reason. Moreover, these apps, which sell legitimate apps on the Google Play Store, are unlocked, allowing users to subscribe to premium services once they are installed. This allows users to deduct billing fraud when they deduct money from their credit or debit cards.

Google recently removed 11 Joker-infected apps that have already been downloaded over 500,000 times on the Google Play Store. Users who have downloaded these apps can also say that it is better to delete them. Here’s a list of apps Google has snatched from its Play Store.

Google Play Store Removed Apps.

Memory Game, Friend SMS app, Contact Message, Compress Image, Relaxation Message, App Locker, Loving Message, Recover File, Remind Alarm, Stopwatch App, and Cheery Message.

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