Google Planning to integrate Google Chat into Gmail.

Google Planning to integrate Google Chat into Gmail.

If you need any information, remember it before in Google. Google giant Search engine, is the most popular Search engine today. Google has already introduced a number of new features. Google has introduced many features for the convenience of the user.

Yes, Google has said it will soon integrate its Google Chat with Gmail mobile apps for Android. The report noted that it analyzed the version of the app that Google uploaded to the PlayStore. These decompiled files, also known as apps, are reported to be strings of code indicating that chat can come as part of a new integration.

The report also states that this new integration may or not work. Also, the 2020.06 version includes Google Meeting with onboarding strings for “Chat” and “Rooms”. If the chat is suitable for one-to-one meetings, the rooms will accommodate collaboration. Also mentioned in the report are the introductory prompts that ask whether users want to use a customer account or a business account.

In addition, Gmail has a direct ad for WhatsApp to help you connect and collaborate without changing apps. Users can manage multiple Gmail products from one platform. The report also states that end-users will be able to disable services/tabs. Google has announced that it will soon integrate Google Meet into the Gmail app on Android and iPhone. This allows users to make video calls via Gmail without downloading a separate Google Meet app.

Users who still have the Meet App can use it. Whenever users make calls using the app, it doesn’t redirect them to Gmail. In addition, Google Meet was first integrated on the desktop for its users. This option is freely available to all users who currently have Gmail. Google Meet also works for users who don’t have a Gmail account. Google has made it possible for the entire meet or chat to be done via Google Gmail.

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