Google Meet Launched New Features for Online Class Safety!

Google Meet Launched New Features for Online Class Safety!

Video conferencing applications have gained huge popularity in the world since the coronation began. Using the same popularity, many companies have also introduced new forms of video conferencing apps. Google is no exception. Google Meet Video Conferencing App is already gaining in popularity and is one of the users’ favorite options. Google Education has introduced a new set of features in this regard, which are already available online.

Yes, Google has introduced new security features in its Google Meet Video Chat service for online education subscriber meetings. Google is pleased to announce the launch of a new set of features on the security of online education. Many changes are expected to be made in the Google Meet app in the next 15 days.

The new features introduced by Google Meet have stated that it will not be able to hack meetings organized by G Suite Enterprise for education subscribers. These anonymous users cannot hack. Google says it is not possible for such people to sign in to a Google Account. In addition, these new features are designed to prevent “zoombombing”, where unauthorized users avoid causing trouble to users

These fixtures have been introduced to prevent unauthorized access of unauthorized users to the meetings of Google Meet and to prevent the use of such unauthorized persons to broadcast video or throw insults. This means that no online person is allowed to enter Google Meet when online mitigation is done. It is said to prevent such anonymous users.

Events like this have already taken place in the Zoom Video Conferencing app, which is why Google Meet is alarmed. Everybody is attracted to online education because of coronavirus. Most school colleges run classes for their students through video conferencing apps. Google Meet has introduced new features to enhance security and introduce new security and privacy improvements.

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