Google for India 2020 Date, Google for India Campaign!

Google for India 2020 Date, Google for India Campaign!

Search engine giant Google has set a date for the Google For India 2020 campaign. Google for India is back with its 2020 Annual Edition. Google has sent official communication for its sixth annual edition, ‘Google for India’. The event is currently being hosted by search engine giant Google India’s YouTube channel. The event will be on Monday, July 13 at 2:00 pm IST.

Yes, this is how the search engine giant launched Google’s 6th edition in India on Monday, July 13, 2020. Google says we are excited to invite everyone to this event. Over the past six years, we have consistently invested in building assistive products and services that expand the full potential of the Internet. Google For India 2020 campaign.

Google has announced the official launch of the Google for India 2020 program. Google has said that in the last six years, Google has taken as many steps as possible for everyone in India. We are deeply committed to increasing this momentum, especially during these extraordinary times. Google India said we will unlock new opportunities as India moves towards a new, digital-futuristic future.

This event will explain the latest efforts by Google in the country. Google will also provide a look at the initiatives that Google will take in India in the future. Google will also host the Google for India event this year at Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and India’s electronics and information technology and law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Last year, in Google for India 2019, the company shared information on Google’s AI Lab, BSNL Partnerships, and Google Pay for Business’ Op for Merchants. Also, Bangalore’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab said it would focus on basic computer science and AI research. It was claimed that this research would be applied to addressing larger issues in areas such as health, agriculture, and education.

Google has now launched tokenized cards for debit and credit card users across India. It has introduced the “Spot” platform for Google Pay. It also serves as a platform for merchants to create branded commercial experiences that bridge the offline and online worlds. In addition, it is also the success of the Google for India campaign, which has added more Indian languages ​​to its products, including Assistant, Discover, Lens, and Bolo App.

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