Extra Space Storage on Google Gmail.

Extra Space Storage on Google Gmail, Do you know how to clear Gmail storage space.

It’s a well-known fact that you can save your most important information in Gmail that Extra Space Storage. But now days, storage problem in Gmail is nothing new. Especially if you use the Gmail service as your main Gmail Drive, your Gmail storage may be full. You may have seen a notification warning that you need to delete old emails in order to receive a new message.

Yes, the storage problem is often found in Google Gmail. If you have received more emails than storage in your Gmail, a notification alert about the storage space is full. Google is offering 15GB storage capacity on your Gmail for free. This 15GB Google Drive ( gmail drive ) contains a collection of files, your emails, whatsapp chats, Google Photos, etc. But even if your Gmail storage is full, so Are You ready to know that how to get Extra Space Storage.

If Google Gmail is full of space, it’s not just your Emails and prevents you from receiving new mails. One easy way to overcome this problem is to buy additional cloud storage on Google. For this, you can buy 100GB extra cloud storage for Rs. 130 per month. But this does not help you make room for new mail, but rather you can use it on Google Drive ( Gmail drive ), Google Photos, and other services.

All you need to do to purchase additional storage is to select the amount of storage you want to buy and put in your card details to make the purchase. Once you do this, Google will set a recurring payment on your account, which will take up to 100GB of storage space each month until you actively terminate the subscription. So read this post on how to get your mail when the new Google Gmail’s storage is full.

Google Drive ( gmail drive )

  • Use Laptop / PC for this. Go to the website.
  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • All the files on your drive will be found here.
  • Delete all the files you don’t need in it.


  • Search for emails larger than Gmail 10mb
  • Captures all emails with attachments larger than 10MB
  • Select the emails you don’t want and press Delete.
  • Empty your useless folder to free up more space in your account.
  • Google automatically cleans emails from 30-day old useless.
  • Also, clear your spam folder.

Google Photos Storage Limit

  • Go to Google Photos Storage on your Laptop or PC and go to Settings.
  • Log into your Google Gmail account with your Google credentials.
  • Change the upload quality from ‘original’ to ‘Top quality’.
  • Google will ask you if you want to reclaim your storage right now.
  • If you say yes then Google will convert your previous uploads to better quality and save you a little more space.

Doing so will allow you to retrieve new emails even if your G-mail storage space is full.

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