Best Time to Buy Air Conditioner in 2020.

Best Time to Buy Air Conditioner

Best Time to Buy Air Conditioner, Thermal comfort is one of the main concerns amongst the consumer while purchasing an air conditioner!

Only those who have tried to enter the house and have the feeling of entering an oven after a day of scorching sun or are unable to sleep comfortably in the summer know how desirable it is to have a cool breeze to relieve this discomfort.

Some people are unaware that, in addition to refreshing the environment, the air conditioner can also heat up for the colder periods and help reduce the excess moisture that can potentiate the appearance of mold.

Below, understand the best time of the year to buy air conditioning and how to pick the best model for your home. Let us not waste anymore time and move further to the main subject — Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner

Demand and Supply: why is winter the best time?

Summer has arrived, and you go in search of an air conditioning unit for your home, even if you are used to the heat of your region or because the thermal sensation has become warmer. Now, think, do you think you were the only one to have that idea?

It is precisely the market demand that generates a race to find a device available at this time of year that makes it run out of shelves, both physical stores and virtual. This makes the price a little higher, inclusive.

Therefore, between the months of June and September, it is worth comparing air conditioning prices to get the one that fits your requirement. Another point in favor is the availability of professionals and companies to install the devices.

Which air conditioning model to choose?

Before you even look at the price, you need to know how to choose the model of air conditioning ideal for your home. There is a diversity of models of appliances that can be portable, windows, and the most common, split air conditioning in the market. For instance, we (people from Florida) are very much fond of personal air conditioners & windows because of the humid weather!

The popularity of the split model is due to its air conditioning capacity, either in cooling or heating and energy savings ( up to 70%) with inverter technology, in addition to being quieter and with the easier installation of the evaporator (internal) and condenser units (external).
Another important point for this choice is the power of the air conditioning unit. Many people believe that the higher the BTU, the better the efficiency.

However, other factors such as size and location of the environment for installation, number of ventilation openings (doors and windows), movement of people around the environment, among other factors interfere with the efficiency of the device.


To make this brief guide more valuable, we have added some bonus tips to keep in mind while purchasing an AC.

  • Before purchasing the AC – make sure to keep the size of the room in mind. DO NOT BUY BIG IF YOUR ROOM IS SMALL & SMALL AC IF YOUR ROOM SIZE IS LARGE.
  • As said, purchasing in the off-season will save a lot of your money but you’ll get the old stock that will differ from the upcoming one.
  • Do not save money by installing the unit by yourself because if the installation isn’t good your AC would hardly work – SO HIRE A PROFESSIONAL.

Air conditioner is certainly a luxury and one should always think twice before investing their hard earned money into any product or service.

Most of the people cannot even afford an air conditioner or even a cooler for themselves and if you know such people then give them an affordable & personal ac that costs merely a hundred bucks!

I believe that we have answered all your queries regarding the best time to purchase an air conditioner but if you have any other queries or doubts then comment them below and we’ll respond to it shortly.

Also, share this comprehensive & helpful guide with your friends & other online mates and help them save some cash!

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