Best Web Hosting Companies in India 2020!

 Best Web Hosting Companies in India 2020!

 Best Web Hosting Companies in India 2020!

Best Web Hosting Companies in India 2020!

If you want to establish your online presence, this is a great way to create your blog or website. There are many ways to create a website now. Some platforms, such as Blogger, allow you to make a free blog, but we know that such platforms do not offer us more features or more customizations. In that case, it is best to create a self-hosted blog or website.
You should know about the different types of hosting and what kind of hosting you need. So now buy such a hosting that you believe you can host your website. In other words, now the best web hosting company has been selected. Below are the 3 best web hosting companies of 2020 for you.

1. A2Hosting

If you are looking for great hosting, A2 hosting is a very powerful web hosting. This hosting is known for its loading time and high performance.
If you take the initial plan of a2hosting, you can find a website, 5 databases, unlimited storage, a C-panel. If you need more than that, you can buy expensive plans on its side. It offers you unlimited sites, database storage and free SSL and SSD.
You can run your website up to 20 times faster using this most useful package. In this package you also get a site accelerator and speed-boosting also.
This is a great web hosting and we recommend it first.
get A2Hosting Pricing.

2. Hostinger

If you want very good hosting on a limited budget, Hostinger is the best option for you.
Hostinger’s server is located in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. All these servers are connected through 1000 MBPS connection lines, which makes their performance better. This guarantees 99.9% of the time. You get all these facilities from their basic plan.
10 Gb SSD space
FTP access for transferring files
An email account
100 Gb Bandwidth
Weekly backups
24 X 7 support
If you take their expensive plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, SSD disk space, email accounts, free SSL, and an unlimited MySQL database.
If you have an e-commerce site, you can take its most expensive plan. You get a daily backup on this plan. In the picture above, you can compare all the plans and choose the best plan for you. also read this: Best Web Hosting in 2020!
get Hostinger Web Hosting Pricing.

3. Milesweb

MilesWeb is not the most popular company at the moment. But I thought I needed to add MilesWeb to this list because my own experience and my clients’ experience with MilesWeb is better than other web hosting.
MilesWeb is an Indian company that follows the Make in India and Digital India initiatives. The uniqueness of their plans is that they are affordable and also provide the best resources.
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